About Us

About Trade Masters: 

Forty years ago, Trade Masters Inc. originated with the purpose of providing top quality craftsmanship to its customers. We were founded on the value of  integrity and we believe that quality will always trump quantity. When you choose Trade Masters Inc. you are selecting a company that is dedicated to meeting your needs in an impeccable fashion.

Trade Masters Inc. has had a long history of providing high caliber work throughout eastern Pennsylvania. When David (President & CEO) and Elaine Strick started Trade Masters Inc. they specialized in home/estate maintenance and renovation projects in and around the Philadelphia Main Line area. On March 23, 1989, Trade Masters Inc. narrowed their focus to Berks County in order to devote their talents and expertise to customers in this area. The following year Trade Masters Inc. continued to work on commercial and major residential renovations as well as becoming the first builder of custom homes in the Forest Ridge development in Fleetwood, PA.

Today, Trade Masters Inc. provides services in the following areas: commercial and residential new construction, additions, bathrooms, church renovations, dental and medical complexes, custom kitchens, whole house renovations, and property maintenance.  Although we have expanded our fields of work, we continue to maintain our high caliber craftsmanship and professionalism.  We also strive to be the cleanest and most organized contractor in the tri-county area. As a turnkey contractor, Trade Masters Inc. provides customers with high end, top quality products and service for residential and commercial renovations and new construction projects..

Trade Masters Inc. is a member of The Pennsylvania Home Builders Association of Berks County, The National Builders Association, carries full liability insurance and is registered with The State of Pennsylvania.